Grove Cat Tower


Introducing the Grove Cat Tower by tuft + paw – where feline comfort and style unite. With its slatted design seamlessly blending into your decor, this tower offers a serene sanctuary and captivating vantage point. Crafted for security and interaction, its lower interior reassures your cat, while the faux shearling top becomes a regal birdwatching perch.

Choose from short or tall versions, standalone or combined, for a versatile multi-level haven. Effortlessly fitting your decor, it transforms any space into a cat oasis. The lower area serves as a cozy bed or stylish toy storage. Two fitted cushions show our commitment to your cat’s comfort.

Experience feline luxury with the Grove Cat Tower – where contentment meets design aspirations. Elevate your cat’s life and transform your space.

Interested in learning more? Click here to read more about the Cats With Jazz Crew’s experience with the Grove Cat Tower.


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