Litter Box Scoop, Brush, and Dustpan Set


Elevate your litter box experience with tuft + paw’s exceptional range of accessories, designed to complement your existing setup. Whether you’ve already found the perfect litter box or are looking to enhance your current one, this comprehensive accessory set is here to make your maintenance routine a breeze.

Included in this thoughtfully curated set are essential tools such as a litter box scoop, brush, and dustpan – the trifecta of convenience for effortless cleanliness. With tuft + paw’s accessories by your side, you can maintain your beloved litter box with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Embrace the opportunity to combine your preferred litter box with the convenience and quality of tuft + paw’s meticulously crafted accessories. It’s a harmonious blend that caters to both you and your cherished feline companion, ensuring a harmonious living environment that prioritizes comfort and convenience. Discover the perfect partnership between your litter box and this set of accessories by tuft + paw.

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