Zip Scratching Post


Meet the Zip Scratching Post by tuft + paw – a contemporary twist on the timeless favorite. The Zip Scratching Post is offered in a walnut or ash finish. Engineered for feline delight, this post offers optimal height for full-body stretches, featuring a plush sisal carpet covering that invites satisfying scratches.

The tightly-woven sisal ensures not only safety but also remarkable durability, even in the face of rigorous daily use. Rest assured, the Zip Scratching Post prioritizes stability with its wide base, designed to accommodate even the most spirited feline antics.

No more exposed carpet edges or bothersome staples – this scratching post boasts a sleek, flawless appearance. It’s fortified with solid wood caps at both the top and base, ensuring a sturdy and enduring construction that stands up to your cat’s every whim.

Elevate your cat’s scratching experience with the Zip Scratching Post, where modern design meets cat-approved functionality. Invest in the pinnacle of stability and quality for your furry friend’s satisfaction. For more information about this product, click here.

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